Counting Panes

this first picture has 6 Panes on the bottom row and 4 Panes on the top row. 10 panes total 2 story.

Simply count the panes you are looking to have cleaned. Or, if you would like to send me pictures of your home from the North, South, East , and West, I can give you a closer Approximation on pricing.

Please note: New Glass, construction cleanups, Paint removal, and reconditioning will increase time and cost.

Example 2

This next home has 2 Sliders on the roof and 8 double hung windows. 2 large window panes separate the double hung windows. The door counts as 2. 14 Panes total 2 Story.

--Doors and XL Panes will cost a little more due to size and accessibility. 

Basement wells may cost more depending on accessibility and hard water damage.

Love Our Colorado Sunshine!

*Max 25 Foot Laddering


Price per Pane

Price er pane is approximately $4-7 per inside and out. This can increase or decrease depending on 1 or 2 story, Construction cleanup, Paint removal, etc. Outside only is %60 of total bid. 

SCreen repair and washing

A simple screen brushing is included. If screens need to be hand washed and extra $2-$4 per screen. Most Screen replacements done onsite. $15-$55

Some screens may need rebuilding and would be done off-site. 

Power Washing and gutters

Power washing fences, patios, siding, sidewalks, decks, etc. $70 first hour- $55 per hour after. 

Gutters are priced per job upon inspection. 

Tracks and frames

A simple wiping down of the tracks and frame is included. If there is an abundance of debris, bugs, stain, paint, etc.  We call this a reconditioning and will cost a little more to get them up to speed. Price per frame.